Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MMORPG Army Games

Throughout the world the online gamers are playing the MMORPG games. These role playing games are available in various genres like fantasy, sorcery, fiction and so on. MMORPG army games are very famous among the MMORPG gamers. They can take up different roles and fight for their forces. Some of the popular MMORPG army based games are listed below.

Soldier Front:
Soldier Front focuses on hardcore gamers. This military style MMORPG game offers a realistic graphics and game play. It allows the players to maintain their stats by offering a system for character growth. The gamers can also increase their ranks and rise like a real army soldier. The distinctive weapons used in this game were created based on the rate of fire, operation type, rate of recoil and amount of recoil. It provides a realistic and dynamic experience like a real battle field.

Cross Fire:
This MMORPG game is an online military based first person shooter game developed for the PC. Players can take up the role of a Global Risk or Black List operative. The different modes used in this game are Team Death Match mode and the Ghost mode. It includes exclusive options like a system for clan formation, military ranking system, in-game list of friends and a deep character customization option.

WorldWar II Online:
This online action game is played on first person perspective. It takes place in the battlefield of the Western Europe. The players can choose to fight either alongside or against the other players in the battlefield. It provides a heart stopping infantry experience of action sequences where you can advance your skills on aircrafts, naval vessels, and combat vehicles that are accurately modeled for the battlefield. You can grab a rifle and help either the Axis or Allied forces.

Battlefield Heroes:
This action game features a conquest mode and provides 50 tickets for each team. The number of tickets can be reduced by killing the enemies and by holding more number of flags when compared to the opposing army. It has a matchmaking feature to keep together the players in the same level. There are two armies in this game, the Royal Army and the National Army. The National Army soldiers possess a red color flag and the Royal Army soldiers possess a blue color flag.

Heroes in the Sky:
This is an airborne shooter game that combines fast paced PVP and high impact PVE. The events occurring in the Heroes in the Sky game takes place throughout the Second World War. Over 16 players combat for the air superiority with weapons like missiles, cannon fire, bombs, and machine gun blasts. You can also fly across the sky to recreate the battles of Pacific and European fronts to help your side gain control in the war. The different modes available in this game are Occupational War Mode, Attack and Defend Mode, Raid Mode, Skirmish Mode, and Campaign Mode. It features more than 50 planes for the Allies and Axis forces. Compete here to top in the World War II.

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